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….and how it all started?  smiley

In the Himalayas, ...we met tour guide Dippo. He was a big support to us and thanks to him we really enjoyed the trek around Annapurna. He helped us to get around the language barrier and he looked after all that was needed. In short he really did take great care of us. And that’s why we said to ourselves: “Why not do something like this back at home?” After all, the Czech countryside has so many magical places that people both here and abroad will never see. If you are willing to walk, have healthy feet and are in a bit of a good mood, join us and together we will enjoy wonderful moments out there, and do so in a RELAXED manner!

Guide's profiles

Dana Reháková

Dana Reháková

Hi, my name is Danča and even if I don’t look it :-), I am a bit over 38 years old. I adore nature and I have walked or biked through almost all of Bohemia and Moravia. The best time for me is when I have hiking shoes on my feet and a backpack on my back. I love people and my dream was always to be a guide in those beautiful places, where I feel so good. I am looking forward to meeting all of you, for whom I will be a funny and cheerful guide who will take you through the beautiful countryside, which we will enjoy together.

Nickname: Danini

Klára Bártová

Klára Bártová

Gone are the wild and carefree school years that were full of wandering around, sleeping under the stars....  gone are the journeys to distant lands. But maybe it was there, far away from home, where I always had something to reminisce about. And while dreaming, I often went back to being with friends in that small country with magical nature, which, at least in my heart, can’t even be surpassed by the beauty of such places like the Grand Canyon in Arizona or the amazing nature full of wildness in Yellowstone....

..... wandering around with my head in the sky while meeting new cool people.... what more could you want? I also enjoy it when even old, familiar places can often look different, in a different season, with new people, there is always something new to look at!

See you soon!!!