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Dear travelling friends....

This site is like a door for you. In fact, it is more like a wide open gate. Enter it into the Czech countryside, to the forests, meadows and groves with us, friends of nature, guides, who love the Czech lands and who are ready to accompany you on the road to new stories and knowledge. Even though all the tours are on marked tourist trails, that doesn’t mean that once in a while we won’t cross through thickets or bushes, all on our feet. We walk in all weather conditions, because we follow the saying that says “There is no bad weather, but only a badly dressed tourist.” At the moment we are offering five tours, but we are working on opening more… Our wish and aim is for you to enjoy them with us and gather energy from the beautiful nature.


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Karlštejn and Amerika querries

Come and explore with us the Czech forests, which King Charles IV road through with his retinue. A pleasant hike from Karlštejn Castle and past the flooded Amerika quarries awaits you. Sometimes we will go off the trail in order to peep into old drifts, surrounded with legends. This tour is suitable for everyone, who likes hiking through picturesque landscapes and would like to discover the hidden beauty of Czech nature close to Prague.

This trip is offered as one day tour

Sněžka, Krkonoše

If you have decided to spend some of your free time in our highest mountains, that is a good choice. Leave your worries and bad mood at home, forget the boredom and just come and “hang out”.The sunrise and sunset that you can experience from the top of the highest Czech mountain Sněžka (Snow mountain) is unforgettable. Join us and we will walk you through the oldest national park of the Czech Republic, which is registered in UNESCO as a biosphere reservation.

This trip is offered as a two day tour

Trosky and Prachov rocks

The picturesque landscape of Český ráj (Bohemian paradise) will make it clear why this often visited place is called “paradise”. You will see the beauty and diversity of this exceptional piece of land which is even included in the UNESCO geo parks. We will take you into the sandstone rocks that will captivate you with their powerful being. You will feel just like you are in a fairy tale. The little rock villages full of ravines, paths and viewpoints will literally amaze you.

This trip is offered as one day tour

Kost and Hruboskalsko

....the countryside of Bohemian Paradise where peace and tranquillity reign, where the picturesque scenery digs deep into your soul and where you look forward to each unique vantage point. This region, which is the subject of many tales, will capture your heart and you will maybe even experience a battle of medieval knights in Kost Castle.

This trip is offered as one day tour

Svatý Jan pod Skalou

The Berounka river valley of silver with its hillside at the raise of the Alkazar rocks awaits you, where we can hear climbers clicking their carbines. Day after day, they try to climb the walls on which the sun beats down for the whole day. When we have enough of watching the climbers, we shift to the valley of Kačák, along which we will reach the little historical town Svatý Jan pod Skalou, where the Svatojánská rock with the wooden cross will be a challenge…

This trip is offered as one day tour

Czech country

You don’t need seven-league boots, neither do you have to go to the ends of the world in order to find gripping stories. The Czech Republic tells so many of them, that together they would make a really thick book! We have chosen those you can experience first-hand – with your partner, friends, family or even alone. We are not your average tour guides. We are your patient story tellers who will take you to meet up with wild nature and also to places shaped by the human hand. Welcome to Bohemia, the land of thrilling stories.